Will Akheraj repent for his mistakes? #Balika Vadhu
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  • April 10, 2015
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This whole week we saw how cruelly Akheraj behaved with his daughter and Nimboli. Things got worse when the two raised their opinions on choosing a prospective groom for Kamli. 

In tonight’s episode we get a glimpse of Mangala, trying to teach a lesson to both Akheraj and Harkhi for their misdeeds. Nimboli is taken under confidence by Mangala. In an interesting moment we see Akheraj and other members in the family enjoying a cup of tea when there’s huge crash in the other room. When they rush to check things they find out a possessed Mangala acting frantic. 

She cleverly states that the house has got impure because of the couple’s bad causes and emphasizes more on their inhumane behaviour towards the young girls. Mangala proclaims that the house and the family will get destroyed if they continued to commit sins. Akheraj and Harkhi immediately fall on her feet and beg to be pardoned this time.

But will this trick of Mangala work? And will this be the end of torture for Nimboli?

Catch everything in tonight’s episode of Balika Vadhu at 8pm, only on COLORS!

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