Why is Sohum always ready to help Bani?
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Fate has again played its cards and problem doesn’t seem to be ending for Bani. With Rano’s death and Parmeet not turning up, she is stuck in another lie. Will Sohum come to rescue her, this time again?


This is not the first instance when Sohum has gone out of his way and helped Bani. In the past few weeks there have been many such incidents. From taking Bani to the property dealer to giving his shoulder when Bani was devastated to witness Rano’s death, Sohum was there as a support system. 


And even now when she has lied to all the family members that Parmeet has sent her tickets, she seeks Sohum’s help to back her up. We know they were once in love with each other and now are great friends but is there something else that might happen between the two? When we asked Sohum aka Advik about the same, this is what he said, “From the beginning only, Sohum has got a soft corner for her. You usually end up putting your heart and soul for the happiness of that one person you love. This doesn’t mean that they would end up being together. They may or may not, but for now Sohum is there by her side just as a friend.”


We all know how badly Sohum wants to get back with Bani. But is Sohum doing all this so that Bani gives a second thought to their relationship.  Is this a selfish or a selfless display of love? To which Advik clarifies, “Sohum is not doing all this keeping in mind as favors or to show Bani how much he loves her. He just wants Bani to be happy. With or without him, all that matters to him is Bani’s happiness. If she is happy with Parmeet, Sohum would put in all his efforts to make Bani meet Parmeet and sort things out.”


Well having Sohum by his side is definitely a boon for Bani. We hope together they can bounce back for good. 

Will Sohum’s concern rekindle the Love in Bani’s heart, let time decide the same.


Stay tune to know what more is happening in Bani- Ishq Da Kalma.

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