Why is Diandra upset with Sushant?
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  • October 22, 2014
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Team ‘Diandra’ wins the second day of the Mithai task and Big Boss announces that the captain of the week would be someone from the winner team! Looks like nobody wants to lose any opportunity to become the ‘House Captain’, considering the fact that the captain has so many liberties and secondly, everyone wants to treat Ali the way he has been treating the housemates. Everyone wants to enjoy a week of- no kaam and only orders! Post the announcement, I saw Puneet  giving out a list of traits that he thinks the potential House captain should have to manage the house well! And I was about to just ask him, what he thinks of Ali and how much would you rate him as a captain? *heehee*.


 My khabri brain senses there is something going on in their mind. I think everyone is trying to nominate their own names indirectly. I could see Diandra, Sushi being considered amongst the ones for the same this week. I will let you know soon ,Sabra karo!


But, the inside story is that Diandra was quite upset with Sushant, when he gave his name for captainship and others in the winning team agreed to that. Why? Well, because Diandra was the leader of the team and as per everyone, she did a commendable job! She felt she was definitely deserving to be given maximum votes for captainship. C’mmon ‘Di’ it’s a very small thing and you shouldn't mind Sushi giving his name too, that’s what is friendship all about right? Post all this will everything go like before between the two buddies?? let's figure out.


Dials her best friend's number*





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