Meher faints!
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  • July 29, 2020
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  • 6:47 am

Yesterday on Choti Sarrdaarni, we saw Meher going to school with samosas for Param. She didn’t want him to feel upset. The malai kofta that was made for him is consumed by Meher eventually in the car while speaking to Sarab. She finished Param’s lunch and starts feeling dizzy but feels okay. On coming back home, Meher overhears Harleen yelling at Lalita and almost revealing that the baby isn’t even Sarab’s baby. This upsets Meher a lot. A while later, Sarab and Param and find Meher lying unconscious.

Sarab calls Aditi for help and then passes the phone to Lalita. Aditi yells at her on speaker phone and everyone hears it. Was Dr. Aditi trying to hint at something else? Sarab is seen taking care of Meher and then loses his mind and feels bad about not being there for Meher. Harleen begins instigating Param and everything she says to him starts playing on his mind. On feeling better, Meher invites Dr. Aditi for their baby’s naming ceremony. Sarab brings home a new crib for chota baby and Param ends up sitting in it. Looking at that, Sarab tells Param that it is not for him but the baby. How will Param react to this?


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