Whom does Puneet call bad-dimaag!
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  • November 10, 2014
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Looks like Punz is unable to cope with being caged for so long and the frustration is getting inside his head. Beware! For he can burst out at any given moment!

Everytime I sneak inside the house, I find him blabbering about someone or the other and seemingly his favorites are ‘Diandra’ and ‘Sonali’ these days. So the last time I heard him telling someone “Wo ek number ki bad dimaag ladki hai,aaj tak P3G ne use sahara diya hai jab usse koi baat nahi karta tha jab wo nayi thi.Yeh bass ladkon ka faayda utha rahi hai”. So by ‘wo’ he meant Sonali I guess. I could sense his agitation seeing Sonali befriend Diandra these days, which made him speak against her. Manier  times I have seen him warning Gautam to be vary  of her. To which Gautam blindly agrees. Knowing that he has no good friend left inside the house except Puneet ji. All I think is that the punishment given to Puneet has not gone down too well and hidden aggression keeps coming out at regular intervals.


Who do you think is going to be his next target?



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