Who will receive the powerful garland from Maharishi Durvasa on Shani?
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Recently on Shani we saw how that Maharishi Durvasa does a yagya, and after his years of difficult tap and yagya there is this powerful garland that comes out from the yagya agni. Maharishi Durvasa declares that the garland is so powerful that it can re-define the destiny of anyone. Its powers can take one right at the top or can even destroy the person who does an animosity.


sh 4



Everyone from Devs and asuras want to own the garland for its power and purity. Rahu keeps a close watch on this too. He thinks on how he is the only one who deserves to have this garland. Shani is well aware of all of this. However, Shani requests Durvasa to handover the garland to the Devs.


sh 2



In the upcoming episodes we will be seeing how Rahu would demand Maharishi Durvasa to give him the garland.


sh 6



Eventually Maharishi would decide to give it to someone who deserves it the best.


Who do you think will be receiving the same in the end?

Will Shani’s suggestion be heard or things will go otherwise?


To know, watch Shani Mon-Fri at 9 PM!

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