Who will be the next Blubber Queen?
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  • November 27, 2012
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Looks like there's a strong competition in the house to win the Miss Aashka Goradia title. It's just been two weeks and the housemates have started missing her so much that it has been uncontrollable. Be it Sana who has been inconsolable since Aashka left the house. Be it an exit or her so called friend Karishma's re-entry that the lovely lass has a reason ready up her sleeve each day to shed some saline water. While she is getting good at it, seems like she has a tough competition from her friends-earlier-foes-now lass – Karishma. While Karishma had been emotionally drained after the loss of her father, she opted to be back with a reason strong enough to have fun and enjoy everything around, but seems like things are just not going as planned.  Just when the two ladies thought that they would have each other to support, there came in Vishal who stood as a rock between the two and ensured there was animosity enough between the two to shed tears over him.

Whatever the reason maybe, but looks like we are ready to have the winner of the title of new ‘Ms. Aashka Goradia’ in the house.


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