Who will act Dhurandar in today’s task?
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  • November 11, 2014
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Since early morning the housemates were found discussing about the upcoming luxury budget task and they seriously hoped to have nothing which could trigger physical violence one more time. Also, the track record of this season says that no task in the house has ever gone a miss without any conflict being involved. This week’s task is ‘Sab Dhurandar Hotel ke Andar,’ which would require all the old housemates to play butlers and the three newcomers –Dimpy, Renne and Nigaar, the Hotel guests, Puneet to be kept away from the task completely. At a time only two butlers would serve the three guests and the butlers for that moment were to be chosen by trio’s collective decision.


The three guests would be competing with each other and the butlers competing amongst one another too. The catch of the task being the guests to get maximum work (both personal and generic) done from the butlers in minimum tip, whereas butlers doing the given work and recieving maximum tips! The three Hotel guests would be provided with their individual safe to keep the money. And the butlers can steal the money.


Nigaar was seen pretty excited about the task, she said “Pehli baar kisi task mein teams nahi honge aur bal ka prayog nahi hoga”. Diandra played the Hotel owner, who would keep a close watch if butlers worked properly at the same time ensuring the guests are absolutely happy with the hospitality.


Will this activity truly not involve any assaults? Verbal and physical? Will this be played maturely unlike before? Wow! if this happens then I am definitely going to party!


Watch the latest task tonight at 9 pm!


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