Who is making these housemates laugh?
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  • October 15, 2014
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Amidst all the chaos, fights, arguments and all those intense things Ms Khabri wants to talk you about some light and funny things. Like who keeps the ‘Boys’ in the house entertained when they are not doing anything. It’s none other than – Pritam Singh. The man is blessed with some amazing acting and mimicking skills, so when everyone around is getting bored the RJ in pritam takes over and takes everyone on an entertainment ride. He makes everyone laugh with his jokes and spoofs on various celebrities. He cracks some amazing jokes which has everyone in splits. The other day I saw Gautam, Praneet, Puneet and Aarya having a blast with Pritam taking the centre stage and going on with his gags. I think Salman Khan should make him do stuff in his Weekend ka Vaar because Ms Khabri personally thinks my DABANGG hero will get a nice KICK listening to him.

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