Who is dolling it up for Salman Khan?
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  • October 19, 2014
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Some girlie talk happening in the house! As the weekend approaches the ladies in the house become all the more conscious about their looks and we see the so called ‘Healthy Competition’ on who can look the prettiest of ‘em all!


Although the girls exchange smiles and maintain diplomacy, but actually each one dies to be the best of the rest and their hearts are screaming ‘Tumhe koi hakk nahi banta ki tum itni sundar dikho!' *giggles*


Anyway, with so much girly competition we need to watch which girl impresses Salman this week!


Hey! But what’s that? I can see someone amongst these ladies worrying about something else completely. Apni red-haired babe Diandra was heard sharing with her besties in the house that she has this gut feeling of being evicted this time! (Oh my gawwwddd!) To support her statement she mentions about her two prominent fights this week with Sonali and Ali  which makes her chances all the more higher to be shown the doors! Now that can be only known tonight whether her intuition is right or wrong. Tik Tok on the clock…



 Stay tuned tonight on colors 9 pm




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