Who is buttering up Minissha?
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  • October 20, 2014
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There is one housemate who is trying numerous ways to please everyone in the house, and that‘s the newly appointed and very strict captain Ali Quli Mirza, who else! Has he sensed that the other housemates are tough nuts to crack?? (Hammering on the nuts,bang bang!)


Often I see him trying hard to make some space in people’s hearts. Arre isski koi toh sunn lo bhaai!!..

The last time he was in conversation with Minissha, Ali mentioned how she doesn’t need to prove herself to others every time as she already has a good name in industry. Not only that, he even commented on how everyone in the house this season have already found a strong hold in the industry, unlike previous seasons where either the people were a ‘flop’ or needed a platform to make it big for themselves at the beginning of their careers. Ah, careful Ali! While flowery praises may help you inside but perhaps people might not take it lightly outside the house. Well said by someone ‘phook phook kar kadam rakhna chahiye’.


Are these tactics going to help make some friends for Ali? Or is he actually inviting more of unwanted troubles?


Keep watching the show to know more!



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