Who flicked the first step to the 25 lakhs ladder?
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Ali has a mastery when it comes to such games.  And when it’s about burglary, we know Ali has stolen so many things; be it food items or the antiques during the Museum task. So, even during the ‘Aakhri Seedhi’ task, Ali reached out the opposite team very smartly and while Gautam and Dimpy were busy plotting on how they will do the chori, Ali flicked one of those plaques. Karishma, who was not around her team, Dimpy and Gautam were absolutely shocked to learn how finely Ali took it off. Trust me,  that it didn’t look so easy! Ali maintained all the rules of the game while he did that.


Champions came on guard! Here, Pritam and Karishma got into another argument involving past incidents that had their anger soaring. Karishma taunted Pritam ‘Ab hogi dirty politics’ with reference to the tiff the two had the day Mallika Sherawat had come on the show. Pritam sarcastically responded saying Karishma was showing her true colors by just having her one step flicked,which irked Karishma resulting in backfiring him. Karishma started vomiting out all the facts that Pritam had once told her. She spoke of the incident, wherein he told her that he didn’t feel the fondness for Gautam like before and that he didn’t consider him friend Dil se! Karishma also called out his wife’s name, which brought out the angry young man in him. Pritam lost his cool and screamed, “Biwi ka naam mat lena.” Basically, the two were up with ‘Pol khol’ fight for a long time. Karishma went on saying that how Pritam was behaving was his ‘Assliyat’ that he was finally showing.


All this happened just post the first wooden plaque got flicked from the Champions team. There was still more to happen.


Keep watching how the task went on.


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