Who do you think will Jordan choose, Music or Elahi ?
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The episode unveils with an invitation card for Varun’s wedding coming to Elahi’s house. Bua and daadi react on it and bua instigates daadi to do something otherwise Elahi haath se nikalti jaa rahi hai. Jahaan is doing seva at gurudwara and expresess his dilemma for choosing between Elahi and his dream. Diljyot calls on landline where Elahi receives. We build on their moment. Amar takes the receiver to speak but Diljyot disconnects. Jordan gives lift to Elahi and Husna in his car and acts like his car has broken down midway. He asks Elahi and Husna to wait at café. At home Jahaan and Pari are doing therapy exercise when Pari fakes a maigraine and hides the coffee bottle at home. Jahaan brings her to the same café for coffee. Elahi sees Jahaan and Pari together at café. Outside café Pari and Jordan meet. We reveal Pari is planted by Jordan.


We resume from café scene where build on Elahi getting affected seeing Pari and Jahaan. Jahaan hits the right Sur as soon as Elahi enters highlighting divine intervention. Jahaan gets jealous looking at Jordan with Elahi. Jahaan rushes from the café. At home Jahaan has a breakdown. Maheep takes Jordan to the boutique to shop for wedding clothes trial where he chooses something which is not his style irking Maheep more about Elahi’s influence on Jordan. Jahaan pours his heart out to Dharmendra about his majboori and here Maheep asks Jordan what will happen if Elahi wins GIV. She asks Jordan to choose between music and Elahi and he chooses Elahi.


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