Who did Karishma call spineless?
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  • November 15, 2014
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Lady Di was seen discussing with her mandali as to why there aren’t few days during their tenure in Bigg Boss House wherein they are freed from all the tasks,duties and allowed to sleep a little extra may be even a nap during afternoons! Hehe, darling for this you will have to give written appeal and may be Big Boss can think over! Then all of a sudden she realized it’s been too long they all have not done bitching!OMG!! Lol.


So it started off with how Puneet is the mastermind for just everything that's happening currently in the house.Diandra please give us some new information! Karishma abruptly cut Di in between calling Ali a spineless human in the house and that he could go to any extent for just anything, especially pointing out the money aspect related to task. Ooo! She said “Wo ussi gang mein rehta hai mostly.” Diandra added how he wheedled her during her captaincy.


Whilst all these discussions were on, Gautam was found strategizing how is he going to make them all work! He said he is all set with ideas which would provoke all of them get to work! Starting off with no work for three days for some of them! Wow! Gauti you give a feeling of being in a boarding school! But jokes apart, what could be going on in his mind? Any ideas?




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