Who are these new fighters in the Bigg Boss 8 league?
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  • October 29, 2014
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Minissha, who was already heartbroken due to Puneet's behaviour towards her was heard discussing her sad story with Upen,  Sonali and others when Praneet just walked in to sit and join the conversation. In a very rude tone Minissha said “Ab aap private conversation mein aa gaye hain,toh mujhe aage baat nahi karni.” And she walked out.


Totally taken aback and hurt by her gesture, Praneet stated “Yeh Big Boss ka ghar hai,usska nahi.” He further added that Minissha has no right to behave or talk like that! Post the incident, she couldn’t hold back herself from crying bitterly saying how dejected and insulted she feels with Puneet’s attitude. I think she is turning from a recluse to an introvert to a cry baby! I also found her friends consoling her but at the same time told her that her behavior towards Praneet was wrong and that she should have not reacted like that. Like a good boy and a good girl, Praneet and Minissha thought of talking it out , where I could hear Minissha feeling a little guilty trying to apologize to Praneet. However, Praneet, who had been quite affected with the incident, walked out while she was still talking !


 Looks like no one is in a mood to let go in the house these days.


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