‘White witch’ from Narnia in Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga
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  • December 20, 2012
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With great power comes great responsibility, there are a few who exercise this power for the good of mankind or for harm. Television actor, Monaz Mevawala is set to play a role that will make you shiver with her wrath, a character who will use all her powers for the destruction in COLORS new mythological Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga. Monaz plays the antagonist, Danu, a witch, who gathers her negative energy from the occult and bears an uncanny resemblance to the White Witch from the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia. 

Playing the role of an antagonist to a Maa Durga can be a tough task for anyone and realizing this responsibility Monaz is all set to up her game and offer the role of an action packed villain a la ‘White Witch’. Monaz who has previously played bubbly roles said, “I haven’t been part of any mythology or played an out and out negative so far and this show and the character of Danu is my first. Negative roles offer us great opportunities to grow as actors and play up something that we are not in real life. Playing the character of Danu is exciting as it broadens my base as an actor which is similar to the classic ‘White Witch’ in behavior and not appearance. Danu going to be a very strong character as she will take on Goddess Durga, who is a symbol of strength and power.” 
No wonder then, we should expect to see a clash of deity and demon each equipped with superpowers on COLORS soon. While the ‘White Witch’ in Narnia tries to freeze Narnia for a hundred years, we hope Danu aka Monaz Mevawala creates an equally impressing impact on us!

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