Where is Saumya?
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  • April 23, 2018
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In this week, Harman realizes that he cannot let go of Saumya and goes looking for her leaving Jasleen behind. While he’s on his way, Harak tries to stop Harman from going back to Saumya but Preeto holds Harak back. Harman goes to both, kinnar’s and Maninder’s house to look for Saumya while she’s at the bus stop remembering all the sweet memories she has had with him. Harman is surrounded by Veeran and his men, however, Saaya & the other Kinnars fight Veeran and his goons away. Harman reaches the bus stop but doesn’t find Saumya and feels guilty for what he did to her. Jasleen and Preeto console Harman and are supportive of him finding Saumya.

Saumya decides to move on and starts looking for a job and finds a shelter for the time being in a toy shop. What does destiny have in store for Saumya and Harman? Watch the story unfold this week!


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