Where is Imam?
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  • January 2, 2013
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  • 3:27 pm

Imam's sudden exit shocked the contestants more than anybody else's exit in the house. Unlike any other other contestant's disappearance, Imam's sudden disappearance seems to be the talk of the house. Unable to find him any where in the house, the contestants thought he has been evicted. Soon after they realized he isn't around, Rajev could not stop mocking and making fun of his ways in the house. The whole house seemed to stand in unison in imitating Imam and talking about how his exit was just perfect. Making fun of the way he said 'Time Out' to Salman, Urvashi, Rajev, Sana, Niketan and Delnaz were talking how it was his time to be out of the house. There have been friends dearer who have left the house, but no one seemed to be the topic of discussion for as long as Imam. Seems like Imam's exit has been bothering the housemates a lot and his antics are being missed by them a little too much, we hope the housemates soon divert their attention and forget about him not being around. So is he really evicted?

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