When Salman made them do the ‘Vikalp’ task
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  • November 9, 2014
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Wow! This is something that I never expected to happen! In today’s telecast we will see Salman making the housemates play the ‘sweet ‘n’ simple game which shook the house a few days ago!!Yes, the same activity where the housemate is required to raise a Yes or No board giving their opinion.To make it a little more entertaining there were placards with the names of housemates written on them.Now what was that for?


A little while later I observed Salman making pairs, like- Dimpy and Renee, Upen and Arya and Sonali and Sushant and such.  Each pair was asked to sit with their backs facing each other and whenever asked a question, they would answer without one of either seeing the board raised.


It was no surprise for me to see Karishma and Diandra having same opinion as they raised same boards!! Soul mates you see!! Also it was captivating to watch Renee and Dimpy give their strong opinions, not even being a week old in the house! But yeah! There was one girl in the house who was actually targeted by them all. Now who could it b? And who showed their true selves in front of Salman? Most importantly, who cried buckets of tears after someone said Good-bye to Big Boss!


Watch the secrets revealing tonight!


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