When Housemates forgot all about the game!
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  • November 10, 2014
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Oh! I was delighted to find the Bigg Boss House family members having a light moment. Trust me, finding them in such a peaceful way feels like enhaling pure happiness! In the garden Upen,Praneet, Pritam and Sonali enacted a movie, the cast were as follows – Pritam the father, Sonali the daughter(Heroine), Upen(Hero) the boyfriend of Heroine and Praneet the Villain! Their act deninitely had no script or direction whatsoever! The funny angle was when the heroine said she doesn’t mind running away with the villain if he is Richie Rich! Lol! Sonali I remember you had once mentioned you want a rich guy, getting too much into your character, eh?


In the other room Diandra was seen trying to recollect what a TV means, what a doggie means! (Boww Boww ’!!)She said she would have nightmares for few days in her own house after she gets done with the show.Nightmares of ‘Kukdookoo’ and the lady announcing ‘Apna Mic pehen len’! 


On the other side, Renee was seen sharing with Aarya that in personal life she is a reserved person and doesn’t talk much.Hmmm… She further mentioned about her ex -boyfriend who was too flamboyant and how he used to come to pick her up in his car with loud music on! Can we know the name Ms.Dhyani?


But looking at the fashion with which nominations happened for this week has definitely given me the shivers! I heard a loud noise just to find the housemates shredding the pictures of house members whom they want to get evicted!! It was horrific! Believe you me! Guts needed! 



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