What’s in store for you on Naagin 5 tonight?
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  • September 4, 2020
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Tomorrow on Naagin 5, Naina tries to reach Bani to tell her the truth about her past. On the other hand, Balwant, Pawan and Shukla discuss a plan to kidnap girls from a party for their business. Balwant also reveals how it is his actual intention to finish the naagin who is can risk his son’s life going forward. In a flow, he also reveals that he was the one who bombed the flight that killed Bani’s parents.

Later,  Bani snaps out of her inclination towards Veer and is irritated with him again. She continues to argue with him. Meanwhile, Veer’s cousin tries to distract Jai so Veer can be with Bani for a little long. They force Jai to drink. Naina enters the venue and Daksh notices it. Veer offers another dance with Bani and just then Bani spots Naina behind the pillar. Daksh warns everybody that a naagin is in the hall, thus alerting Balwant who instructs his men to kidnap her. Veer is trying to speak to Bani, however, she refuses to speak with him. Suddenly, the lights go off and Singhania men continue kidnapping girls. They kidnap Naina as well. Jai searches for Bani in the dark. On finding her, they decide to go and check the fuse together. Bani is also looking for Naina simultaneously. Jai asks her to be careful and just then a moment is shared between the two. What next? Will Jai and Bani figure the problem out?



Tune in to Naagin season 5 tomorrow at 8 pm sharp to find out more.


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