What’s in store for Pranati and Reyansh?
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  • March 3, 2020
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This week on Pavitra Bhagya, after Pranati’s confession, everyone seems to be shocked. Sumitra questions Pranati and wants answers from her as well. With a rush of emotions going on inside her mind, she shares her pain with everybody. On hearing everything, Sumitra gets very angry and starts dragging Archit with her. Just then, Archit pulls the Roka box saying that he wants to marry Pranati. How will everybody react to this? Later in an orphanage, Jugnu is being punished for running away. Parallelly, Pranati is holding the ring and questioning herself about her past. This leads to her going back in time and remembering her daunting past. This includes her first meeting with Reyansh. What does this lead to?



Reyansh, on the other hand, is seen getting cozy with a woman in a hotel room. In a sequence going forward, her husband who is super angry is looking for Reyansh to kill him. The manager tries to stop him. We see Jugnu in the same location and is being locked in one of the rooms. This leads to her scheming a plan. The husband rushes through lobby looking for Reyansh with a gun in his hands asks the manager to open the door. Upon entering the room he sees Reyansh and his wife together. What happens next?

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