What’s cooking in Suraiya’s mind? #Beintehaa
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In the current track of Beintehaa, Suraiya has insisted Zain to go ahead and pronounce Talaaq to Aaliya for the second time. Despite emotional stress that Zain and Aaliya are going through, they have somehow manage to work together. But they are unable to deal with their emotional issues. Zain misses Aaliya so much that he sees Aaliya flashing in front of his eyes every time he sits alone. The feeling is mutual between the two and even Aaliya has been missing Zain immensly. She cries and asks Allah why their ways parted!
Tension is high for Suraiya Abdullah for just four days are left before ‘Talaaq’ is pronounced for the third and the final time to separate the two. At the same time Zain and Aaliya are going out of the town together for a new project. Suraiya has begun  fearing that this time away from everyone might bring Zain and Aaliya closer again. Before Zain sets out for the project, she takes a promise from him. Why did Suraiya make Zain take the vow and how will she exploit it? Keep watching Beintehaa to know what happens next!
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