What’s cooking between Navika and Beera?
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Last week saw a paradigm shift in Navika’s relation with Beera in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha. From being annoyed at him at every instance, she has graduated to smiling at his silly antics. Now we already know that Beera is head over heels in love with his Rabdi, but what is going on in Navika’s mind? Is it the start of a new love story?

Jayashree, who plays Navika on the show, has this to say about this new development- “After Beera gave Navika the reality check about Mohan, she has started thinking of him as a nice guy. He also makes her smile when she’s down, so that’s a great thing for Navika too.” Hmmm, making a girl smile is half the battle won for a guy, so things look pretty positive for Beera, right?

Navika and Beera’s relation has been one of cat and mouse, where both of them have taken turns to irritate each other. But with Navika’s stand against Beera softening to a great extent, it might mean the end of this nok jhok. Jayashree disagrees, as she thinks nok jhok will be a part of their friendship, come what may. “Even if they are now on friendly terms, I guess their arguments are here to stay. I think they’ll show their liking for each other through their fights too,” says Jayashree.

Siddharth Arora, (Beera) agrees with Jayashree (for once!). He says,” Beera was always confident that Navika would like him one day. Dil kehta hai ek din haseena maan jayegi. We show different shades of a relationship in a serial that are like the different spices in food. Now we have moved on to a different shade of their friendship, which I’m looking forward to”

Viewers of the show are no strangers to mushy moments between Beera and Navika, albeit only in Beera’s dream sequences. But now that there’s a chance of these scenes happening for real, are the two actors looking forward to some tender moments?

Jayashree says,” Haha! Whenever we have to do such scenes, Siddharth and I burst out laughing after looking at each other. We’ve become very good friends so such scenes won’t be a problem in the future.”

With this development, you can expect some cute scenes between Navika and Beera in the coming days. And for those of you who are afraid of missing their fights, fear not, as we’ve been assured that they’ll continue! 


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