What’s coming on on Bepanah Pyaarr?
  • posted by
  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • September 30, 2019
  • at
  • 1:20 pm

Tonight on Bepanah Pyaarr, Raghbir reaches the venue and starts looking for Pragati. just then Pragati is seen running away from the hooligans and bumps into Raghbir. Together they start running as the hooligans are now chasing them. They reach some jungle area and hide, as one goon hits Raghbir on the head and Pragati starts hitting him back. Looking at Pragati fight for him, Raghbir is beyond amazed proud. She starts to hit the goon again when Raghbir stops her and they see more people coming towards them with knives and weapons. Frantically, they now start running in a random direction and end up reaching an isolated place. To add on, it even starts raining. Both of them are without a shield and look for a place to spend the night.

What happens next? Tune in to Bepanah Pyaarr tonight at 10 pm to find out more!

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