What’s coming for Niyati?
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  • July 12, 2019
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Tonight on Tantra, we start the episode with Kanchan calling someone her puppet. Her plan is to make this puppet kill Niyati and make it look like an accident. Going forward, we see the newly-weds Akshat and Niyati on their way to a farmhouse. Around this time is when a new occult science doctor named Daksh enters. Meanwhile, we see Niyati on her way to buy Akshat a gift. Akshat and Daksh happen to cross each other’s path and Daksh feels a wave of negativity. He looks around to figure out more and eventually spots a car. On going closer to see who is driving the car, the car leaves but he manages to capture a photo of the number plate. 


Later, we see a few romantic moments building up between Niyati and Akshat, however, something awaits Niyati. What could it be? Does Daksh manage to get a hint? Who is the person following Kanchan’s orders? Stay tuned to Tantra from Monday to Friday at 11 pm to know more.

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