What you’ve missed on Naagin: Bhagya ka zehreela khel
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • December 18, 2019
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A new season and a gripping story, Naagin: Bhagya ka zehrila khel comes back to entertain you! Meet Maanyata, a naagin who is getting married to Keshav. On marrying him, her mother also curses her to be a normal human for 25 years. A year later, Maanyata and Keshav are blessed with a baby girl. Vrushali’s plan here is to become a mistress and so they kidnap nana bhai and kill the family in the sand dunes. She even ends up killing Keshav brutally while Maanyata is shouting for help. When she receives no help, she starts running with her daughter who she is very protective of. They end up reaching a dead end and Maanyata falls down. Vrushali and family think that they are dead, however, they aren’t. What’s her revenge going to be like? Currently, Vrushali is ruling Nana Bhai properties. Does she know what’s coming her way?

Later, Nayatara enters the laal tekdi mandir in her Naagin avatar. She remembers whatever Vrushali and her family have done with her mother and how they killed Keshav.  Maanyata and Nayantara are ready to take revenge from Vrushali and her family. Going forward, while the whole family is leaving for a havan, Vrushali sees a snake on top of her house from her rear-view mirror and is shook! What’s next?

Tune in to Naagin: Bhagya ka zehrila khel every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm to find out more.


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