What you cannot miss on Naagin this weekend!
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  • March 12, 2020
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This Saturday on Naagin, Swara tells Purohiot that Brinda will be seen practicing daily at the laal tekri mandir inorder to achieve the full potential of bring a naagin. Brinda meanwhile trains her by challenging her to fight with five goons by throwing cloves and belpatra on her. Dev, on the other hand, is seen meeting investors and working hard simultaneously to make money for his family. In stress, he also seems to have started drinking incessantly after Vishakha asks him to move on in his life. His response to this is that he isn’t drinking of Brinda but because there is a major financial situation. On hearing his answer, Vishaka screams in frustration as she is unable to agitate Dev and spot the naagmani on his forehead. What will her next step be?

Nearly 5 months later

We see a hawan setup ay home and Swara performing the hawan. Just then we  Brinda walks in dressed up in white naagin costume. She tells Swara that she has taken her sister’s (Nayantara) avtaar to live her revenge. Going forward, Vishakha as Mundika enters the naagmani temple and she does some magic there. Just then, Nayantara’s murti comes out of the pillar and murti melts which leads to and a new face coming out. Who could this be? What’s next for for them?

Tune in to Naagin: Bhagya ka zehrila khel this Sat-Sun at 8 pm.

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