What will happen when Rishi sees Tanuja as Tanu?
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The tale of destiny has intertwined Rishi’s past to Tanjua’s present. Who was to say that the surgery would lead to such a strong recall of love! Tanu took rebirth to fight all odds against time that stood as an obstacle between her and Rishi.

Kasam Sep 160142

Ever since she was born, life has dished out a series of trouble for Tanuja. Post the accident she has now come face to face with another challenge. The outcome of the plastic surgery has left everyone in the Bedi house stunned. Right from Biji to Rano, none of them are able to seep in the fact that it is Tanuja and not Tanu. They are overwhelmed and cannot seem to gather their emotions.


Kasam Sep 160102


Everyone who has seen this trick of time is left shocked, but what about Rishi? What will happen when he sees that face again? Will he finally understand that time has brought Tanu back into his life?

Know what will happen in Rishi’s life on Kasam. Watch from Monday- Friday at10PM!

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