What will happen between Zain and Aaliya tonight?
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  • August 25, 2014
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Amidst lots of yes, nos and the ‘may be’ situations between Zain and Aaliya, it was heart breaking to see that Zain finally pronounced the third Talaaq to Aaliya. It was also revealed that the ambiguous promise Suraiya had taken from Zain (Read here) was about Zain’s second marriage to Sanam for which Zain had unsuspectingly said yes.
Meanwhile Rehaan reaches and gets to know that it’s too late to save the situation as Zain had already given the final talaaq to Aaliya. To prove Aaliya’s innocence, Rehaan still leaves the tape recording of Nafisa where she had confessed her crime.
Heartbroken, Zain tells Sanam that he is just getting married for his mother’s happiness. He advises her to give a second thought to this marriage as he won’t be able to love her. Sanam still says yes for the marriage and says that she will wait for Zain’s love.
Sanam leaves the room, but trips and mistakingly hits the tape recorder and it falls. She picks it up and gives it to Zain. It is then that Zain plays the recording and gets a shock after realizing that it was Nafisa who had filed the complaint.
Zain will say no this second Nikaah, but will Suraiya be able to convince him? Will it be too late for him to find Aaliya? Will this be the end of problems between Zain and Aaliya? Will Zain and Aaliya come together again? Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Beintehaa at 9 pm to know what happens next only on Colors!

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