What will happen after Veer takes Chandrakanta to Vijaygarh?
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Last week we saw how Chandrakanta and Prince Veerendra got married by chance. Furious Iravati announces an attack on Suryagarh, and that creates a lot of destruction. Unable to see the people suffering Chandrakanta realizes that everything is happening because of her.  She asks Veer to take her to Vijaygarh and present her to his mother, Iravati. Prince Veerendra who is in love with Chandrakanta already says he would take her along only after completing all the rituals related to marriage vows and then take her to his kingdom as his bride.






Coming weekend we will see Veer and Chandrakanta getting married in a more organized way. Iravati who will be seen even more infuriated, will start having malicious thoughts on how to welcome her new ‘bahu.’ Veer will be seen as a protector for Chandrakanta and ask his mother to accept Chandrakanta as her daughter in law and let her in the palace.






In one of the sequences Iravati will get to know that Veer is hiding a secret from Chandrakanta, this will give Iravati a further boost to plot against her in order to take the ‘Tilismi Khanjar’from her.






How will Veer take care of his new bride after she enters the palace where her biggest enemy lives? Will Veer ever get to know about his mother’s true intentions?






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