What will Chakor’s decision be?
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This week on Udann, we find out that Chakor’s blood matches with Raghav. Simultaneously, Akash escapes from the police custody. As new developments, Anjor also decides to forgive Imli and finally calls her mausi. Later, Chakor gets a call from Jyoti who is afraid because of Akash’s presence in the haveli. Chakor is now shocked which leads to her leaving from the haveli. Akash is about to kill Jyoti’s child, but Jyoti pushes Akash away. Akash points a gun on Jyoti but Chakor comes there and saves her. In a rage, Akash fires a bullet at Chakor. What happens next?

Going forward, we see a happy moment in the haveli where Imli is leaving for the police station and tells Raghav that she wants to speak with him. Raghav goes with her and Imli asks him whether he will wait for her. To this Raghav who is unaware of Imli’s feelings says yes. She leaves from there but Raghav is actually not serious about what he said and assumes that Imli was joking too. In a conversation between Raghav and Chakor a few sequences later, he asks her about how long he will have to stay with her. Chakor, who isn’t prepared for this answer is blank. Tejaswini tells Raghav that Chakor will soon arrive at a decision.

What could her decision be? Stay tuned to Udann from Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

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