What will be Jagya’s answer?
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Sanchi and her family is at badi haveli with Sanchi’s marriage proposal for Jagya at his birthday party organized by Ganga for him as a surprise.

Sanchi confessed her love for Jagya recently to her family. Initially everyone was shocked and upset with Sanchi’s confession but eventually everyone went ahead with Sanchi’s decision keeping her happiness in mind. However, complications may arise when the Shekhar family will reach Jaitsar as Jagya has never showed or expressed his love for Sanchi. Yes, he likes Sanchi but he has never given any indication that there could be more to their relationship. Also over the period of time we have seen him getting closer to Ganga. His behaviour towards Ganga has changed and sometimes it looks as if there is more to their relationship than just respect and friendship.

Sanchi has decided that she wants to marry Jagya. Ganga on the other hand likes Jagya and even Jagya likes Ganga.  While Sanchi has backing and support from her own family and also from Jagya’s mother Sumitra who likes Sanchi Ganga is not favored by the mother of the man in question.  So all these factors will definitely influence Jagya’s decision. Will Jagya say yes to Sanchi for marriage or he has Ganga on his mind? How will Jagya react to sanchi’s proposal? We will have to wait and watch for more drama to unfold on Balika Vadhu


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