What will Anirudh do now?
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  • August 31, 2020
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Tonight on Barrister Babu, Trilochan gives Bondita a choice between chabbi ka challa or masterji ki chaddi. What’s Bondita going to choose? Anirudh is seen telling Mini about the incident of the day pertaining to Bondita and masterji. When she hears Anirudh say badmash Bondita instead of bechari Bondita, she rejoices as she sees this as her little victory. Bondita, on the other hand, has two choices – Mini’s health and Masterji ki chaddi and her banter with him. Trilochan further plays with her mind in order to make her move away from studies.

Later, we see Mini’s father manipulating Anirudh and making him feel guilty and responsible for Mini’s current condition. Bondita too, is worried about Saudamini’s health. She asks Behari to get a string and coconut. Bondita arranges a dummy telephone call and acts as Bondita’s mother over the call. She says that it was unfair of him to disapprove Bondita’s statement during the incident which happened during that day. Anirudh gets alerted by the same as he remembers the words of Mini’s father. He realizes that he has been unfair to Mini. What will he do next?

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