What? Sanchi will get caught cheating on an exam?
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This week on ‘Savitri Devi College & Hospital’ we will see Dr. Kabir announcing a surprise test for the interns which would happen in the next three days; previously scheduled at the end of the month, to teach them a lesson after whatever happened post last night’s party and arrest by the police. The interns will be shocked and worried for having no time to prepare whilst managing their duties in the hospital. But Dr. Kabir will remain firm with his decision.






We will also get to see prankster, Veer mixing sleeping pills in Sanchi’s coffee. Poor Sanchi will be caught sleeping while on duty. Veer would also steal the question papers from Dr. Kabir’s cabin, oh, so does that mean a new problem will crop up due to this?






Interestingly, on the day of the exam surprisingly the question paper would fall from Sanchi’s bag and everyone will get to see it! They all would believe that Sanchi was cheating during the exam. But what is the truth actually?


Sanchi will be seen agreeing to attempt an oral exam and just after that everyone in the college gets surprised!






This would be a chance for Sanchi to prove herself; will she make it or break it?






On the other side, Jaya would expose Vaidehi on knowing that she was the one who put poison in her Chaklis (snack) in past, and she is the one who provides money to Ashok.






Priya will be seen troubled by her husband Vikrant. How will she break the shackles of this problematic relationship?


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