What made Karishma cry in front of Bigg Boss?
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  • November 4, 2014
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Karishma who showed her real face in yesterday’s task was severely criticized and even tagged as – Selfish and Khudgarz!  Despite her trying hard to portray herself right and defending herself in every possible way.I could only say Karish, ab bohot derr ho gayi hai!!!She had also let down her priya sakhi ‘Diandra’ and even Di couldn’t take her side. Just imagine!!!! Having nobody being in favor of her, Karishma sulked in regret and sobbed! 

Somewhere she seems to have understood she was wrong, or maybe, just my sharp brains working overtime, thinks maybe all this is just a strategy to melt the hearts of people around knowing she is a shaatir player hmmmm!. Now this move definitely attracted a few sympathies from housemates who felt bad for Karishma!

Just to make her feel less pressurized and make the tense environment in house a little light, Bigg Boss called her to give a good news! Karishma’s wish was fulfilled regarding her mother and she was told that her mother is doing well and is happy to watch her everyday. Awww! This was even more overwhelming for Karish who was anyway feeling low post yesterday's drama. To make her feel a little better Bigg Boss encouraged her telling things which could pacify her and bring back smile on her face. But the real question is are these moments of real regret? And will Sushant accept her apology?


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