What made Gautam fume in anger?
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  • October 26, 2014
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Irrespective of work related bickering, we all know how Ali never loses any opportunity to flirt with Sonali knowing the fact that something special is cooking between her and Gautam. So, while we all must have forgotten about this for a while, there was someone in the house keeping a close eye on him and tolerating the fact that Ali was very obviously trying to hit on Sonali. Yes, that’s none other than Gautam himself. We all have also seen him joking and kidding around Sonali, with his P3G group too. But, it looks like he too has become very particular if someone crosses his limits. 


You can't believe how shocked I was to see Gautam completely lose his cool due to this. I am not exaggerating, but my ears were bleeding to hear the abusive language he used to show his frustration against Ali in front of Sonali!  The simmering anger inside has snowballed into a very small burst of frustration, but my foresight can sense another war in the house! Believe it or not, but I can easily say that the ones who aren't getting along ever since Ali has got in, would only make things worse in future between them. They surely don't seem to be in a mood to let go and forgive whatever had happened. Kisi ne sach kaha hai “First impression is the last impression” ! Ali did you hear that??


Let's see what Salman has to say about this in tonight's episode at 9pm. 


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