What made Bani cry on Bigg Boss?
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Bigg Boss is one platform where people don’t dance or sing to compete. They stay put with one another to beat all the odds and emerge victorious.  The  Bigg Boss house has seen several twists over the years and this year is another entertaining addition.


Bigg Boss 10


PIC 71


Bigg Boss likes to take one step at a time. After kicking off various tasks, Bigg Boss now grows stricter and decides to the punish the ones who don’t live by rules. Apart from Rahul, other two mistake makers in the Bigg Boss house are Gaurav and Bani.


PIC 74


PIC 73


Gaurav and Bani who started off well, saw a tiny argument recently. Today, once again the duo end up in a brawl, but this will have more hues of emotion to it.


PIC 76


PIC 78


Bigg Boss has asked them to carry out the punishment task owing to which Bani develops muscular pain. She has a breakdown in front of Gaurav because she feels that nobody in the team cares for her at all. She is deeply hurt and most definitely did not expect the team mates to not stand by her.


PIC 79


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The two eventually wheel into an argument to which Gaurav says, no one from his team or the other team stands to be his friend.


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Well, that’s harsh! Looks like this punishment is not only taking a physical toll but an emotional one too.  Let’s see what further happens on Bigg Boss tonight at 10.30PM!

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