What? Jigna is an Icchadhaari Naagin?
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This week on Bhaag Bakool Bhaag we will see how Bakool is told that there is a dosh in his kundali. He is told precisely that there is ‘Kaal sarp dosh’ and that he will have to perform some puja along with Sheena to have a good married life, and for the puja they will have to travel to Nasik.




On the other hand there comes a pandit at Jigna’s place and asks for some money. Jigna refuses saying the pandit is a cheat and there will come few hilarious scenes wherein the pandit would declare that Jigna is a ‘Naagin.’ Pandit would tell Koki that his daughter in law is a Naagin and that she should beware of her. Incidentally, Jigna would eat chilli around the same time and to feel a little better she would drink milk like a snake, and at the same time Koki would see her drinking milk in that manner and get scared looking at her.


Adding to that Dagdu would be seen telling Ranjeet that Jigna is a Naagin, hearing that Ranjeet would tell Bakool that they need not go anywhere else as Naagin is Jigna herself and that the puja can be performed at their place.


Bakool will once again be seen in a fix. He clearly knows that if Jigna sees him with Sheena, his secret will come out.




What will he do now? How will the puja take place ultimately?


To know everything and to have a good laughter dose, tune into ‘Bhaag Bakool Bhaag’


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