What is wrong with Rajev?
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  • November 21, 2012
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Rajev Paul has already become one of the most talked about contestants this season of Bigg Boss. Well, these talks about him are mostly more negative than positive. What has this self proclaimed actor/ poet done so bad that almost everyone either retaliates or rebels against him? We all know his nagging behavior especially with his ex-flame Delnaaz Paul is more than annoying!

The other housemates seem to dislike his touchy persona and his bad quality of trying to be funny at all times. Rajev doesn't seem to miss an opportunity to pass his sarcastic comments and taunts to one and all. Niketan & Sana who are supposedly his friends don't seem to like him too much either. Whether it's the evictees who leave the house every weekend or a new wild card entrant, everyone has an opinion on the guy already!

With his ex wife Delnaaz or the fellow contestants, Rajev is surely losing the plot and turning out to be nothing but a sore loser. Will he try and improve after so much intimation or will he only turn worse?

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