What is Rohit Shetty doing in the Bigg Boss house?
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When you talk about finale, how could it be a cake walk. I mean after 132 days at least! The contestants, who were already inside and nervous to the core couldn’t have imagined that this finale was not just about anxiousness but some physical flexing of their muscles too. To bring them down for some more and testing their capacities, Rohit Shetty got inside the house to surprise the top three finalists, who must have not imagined what was about to happen!


They all entered the activity area, and were amuzed to find Hussain, Sana Khan and Ashish Chaudhary. Well, these three are the contestants in the upcoming season of- Khatron ke Khiladi. But, the stunts that Rohit have brought along were to be performed by the inmates and not the former three.


Rohit was seen scaring the contestants as he told them that there was a creature imported from abroad, which was to be put very close to them during the task and that they shouldn’t feel petrified as the crew had anti-venom, injections and other safety aids were put on standby. Trust me, the trio went pale on just the mention of that. Well, any normal person would. The first one was Karishma, she was blindfolded and was asked to feel and touch the creature and tell what it was. I was feeling strange in my stomach looking at KT frightened to the core.But people, that was just a prank on her. *Lol* But the main act was for all the three turn by turn to ride a bicycle and going straight breaking the glass shields that had some fire on the edges too. And they did it! They crossed breaking the shield.


Who do you think must have backed out for the stunt? Who do you think won it? And who was the one to take the 25 lakhs?


Catch the action packed finale episode!


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