What has upset Ali now?
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Hmmm I can smell a lot of jealousy from Ms.J, Dimpy! Looked like she wasn't happy just sharing your misery with Gautam that you went upto Upen! Pstt Psst.. 

So, Dimpy told Upen how she didn’t feel nice when Ali only cheered for Karishma during the immunity task. Upen consoled her saying not to worry about Ali, as he goes running after the changing captains of the house and looks after his gains only! It was useless to worry about person like him.

On the other side, Ali looked very upset as Karishma told him earlier that she would make him the vice captain. He was seen telling others that he felt cheated when Karishma changed her stance saying everyone is mature enough to know good and bad and that Ali wouldn’t be the vice-captain. Karishma ,no wonders you did it again! Getting more deep insight, I learnt , Dimpy influenced Karishma in making her go against her own statements. Wow Dimpy! You’ve set a good example of Aag lagana if this is how it will go,you may surpass Punzz too in this! *Lol*

Karishma came upto Ali to cheer him up, but interestingly Ali and KT always come up with some funny dialogues! Though he was quite serious but I had a great laugh when he told her  “Chal bhaag yahan se! tujhe maine kyun captain bana diya!” *Hahahaha*

Watch the rootha hua Ali in tonight’s episode!


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