What happens after the whole cosmos becomes wealth less? Watch the story of ‘Samudra Manthan’ on ‘Mahakaali’.
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This weekend the story of ‘Mahakaali’ will take a thrilling turn.


Andhak who is overpowered by negative energies misguides lord Indra, as a result of which the latter goes out showing off his wealth.





Rishi Durvasa gets very angry at this, he gives a shraap (curse) to all the devtaas (deities) that they will become ‘Shreeheen’ i.e. wealth less. As a result of which goddess of wealth, Laxmi disappears.



Mahadev warns everyone that as a consequence of this curse all the happiness, goodness and powers from the deities would be taken away. This clearly means a big trouble in the whole cosmos will begin.





On the other hand Parvati promises lord Vishu that she would bring back goddess Laxmi from the lord of oceans. But Mahadev tells Parvati that she will either have Laxmi or Mahadev as this being part of the destiny. This means, if Laxmi will come back then Mahadev will have to leave! But Parvati has already made a promise to lord Vishu about bringing back Laxmi.



Later why will Mahadev have to do Vishh paan? What will Mahakaali do then?



Watch everything this weekend!


On ‘Mahakaali’ Sat-Sun at 7 PM!

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