What happened when Sonakshi Sinha said ‘Main 5 ka 4 karne aayi hun’?
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  • January 31, 2015
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Yeah! So for the finale evening we had the ‘Lady Dabangg’, Sonakshi Sinha inside the Bigg Boss house. There was an activity that she carried that showcased the ‘Andar ka badmaash bhoot’ inside each one in the house. Here the housemates were shown those traits of their personality which were manier times not liked by the other inmates.


Looking at Gautam, Sonakshi very spontaneously stated, “Voteless nahin rehna toh shirtless ghoomte ho.” Ali was the first in the line and was told that he had an ‘Aunty ka bhoot’ inside. He was shown some funny moments and was interrogated by Sonakshi. Post the session he was given a belt as a reward for all the 'below the belt' comments he has been passing on! *Heehee* Dimpy received ‘Mirchi ka jar’ and when it was Gautam’s turn he was asked why did he give audition 24×7 on the cameras which was super hilarious as he giggled on himself. As a reward he received a miniature of his favorite kona in the house. Karishma was shown a video wherein Upen was told to be the ‘Pyaar ka malham’ in her life, who was a super support while they were together in the house, and then as a gift KT was given ‘Mirror’ for her personality that always talked about ‘I, me,myself’.


All this while the ex-contestants ,all the challengers excluding Ajaz along with Sonali, Praneet, Puneet and Diandra were present there.Sonali, amongst the audience was asked to describe her favorite, Pritam, in three words.They all got chance to interact with the housemates inside.


After the light-hearted grilling bit, Sonakshi finally announced that she was there to bring one out along with her. As she said“Main paanch ke chaar karne aayi hun”.


Whom did Sonakshi take along? And after the first eviction of the evening, why did Ajaz Khan re-enter? To bring someone along with him! Who was the second person?


Wait till 9pm to get the best of Bigg Boss tonight!




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