What happened when Farah took Ali’s class?
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Farah was minutely trying to understand the reasons everyone gave to comprehend what actually went wrong during the multiple fights that happened in the house last week. Farah questioned Rahul and asked him to give a reason to why he felt Sambhavna went mad at Dimpy considering they both were part of a previous season. Rahul jokingly said “Cameras dekh kar isski zabaan aur sharir fisal jaate hain.” Everyone including Sambhavna burst out laughing laughed on the same.


After facing the Danger aasan, it was now time for the contestants to get the taste of the ‘Punishment chair’ that Farah introduced. Who was the lucky one to make the debut on the Punishment chair? Neah Neah I wouldn’t reveal that. After being demoted to the Challemger's party, Gautam was asked how was it to be with Challengers in fact becoming one of them? Gautam, in his usual chilled out style, said that he was really liking the new lot and was very happy with them! Oh wow! Finally you accept it Gauti!


Farah also tried making Sana realize that she was almost invisible in the house, in fact she called her saying she was Sambhavna’s daasi,just nodding to whatever Sambhavna had to say and not having her own point of view. Sana didn’t look convinced with the allegation though! She was asked to be assertive. Gautam was told that Sambhavna in his life had taken Puneet sir’s place, what? Really? Pritam agreed to this point absolutely. In fact, Gautam didn’t like Pritam’s comment when he said that “Gautam ko hamesha sahara chahiye, ussey sirf apni taareef pasandh hai, wo khud ke against kuch suntan hai toh ussey gussa aata hai.”  Who all agree with Pritam? 


The biggest highlight of the day was when Farah turned to Ali finally! She demanded a few clarifications and called him inside the Katghara. She asked him, “Ali tumne kya game kheli, you are a mastermind! Kitni safaai se patta kata hai tumne Ajaz ka!” Continuing further, she said that only Ali knew Ajaz very well and that he knew till what level he had to provoke Ajaz. Farah added that Ali wasn’t a zero but the biggest player of the house  and everyone should beware of him. In her point of view, Ali made sure to exploit Ajaz’s weak point and he hit the wrong button in Ajaz accordingly. However, she even mentioned Ajaz got the right punishment for his actions but Ali’s next intention was to target Gautam, by creating the same situation, but Gautam refused to make the same mistake like Ajaz. Omg! You should have looked at Ali’s face! Going on to his fight with Mahek, Farah criticized Ali saying “Level ki baatein ya career ki baatein mat karo, yahan Bigg Boss mein sabhi ek level pe hain, kab kiski kismat palat jaaye koi nahi jaanta.” Farah questioned Gautam about Ali’s behavior during the entire week usually, and he responded saying “Ali Monday aur Tuesday kaafi ladta-jhagadta hai,Wednesday-Thursday gana gaata hai, zara parda hata doh. Friday normal ho jata hai and Saturday he is too sweet!”


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