What happened when Aarya and Puneet had a major showdown?
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  • November 9, 2014
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Things went uglier between Arya and Punz  after their first interrogation with Salman! The two got involved  into a horrible argument which initially started off as a small discussion. In fact both accused each other for being fake and wearing masked faces. Well who doesn’t have a masked face here??


Anyway,  seems like both were just trying to be good towards each other forcefully and waiting for such a moment where they could vomit all the grudge they both were carrying in their hearts for this whole week. Things have actually gone from being bad to sour between the two! At one point Aarya showed absolute resentment towards Puneet's re-entrywent on to blame Puneet which hurt the latter's sentiments badly!


But not to go down so easily in a fight, Puneet screamed back accusing him that he is fake and shallow as he tried using Minissha to catch attention on the show but when Minissha refused he had to be empty handed!

OMG! This yudh is definitely going to add on the biggest fights list in the show. It was a ‘Isski pol kholo’ moment for both of them as the rest watched the drama!


Will the relationship and Aarya’s respect for Puneet recuperate? Also my question is “Kissne yeh aag lagaayi??”  What is going to happen next? Who will still have an upper hand post this? Let’s leave it on Salman to decide!


Watch the eviction happen tonight at 9 pm!



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