What does Salman Khan have in store for the housemates tonight?
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Weekend’s here and so are a series of interesting events! Tonight, the housemates wake up to a task given to them by none other than Bigg Boss. Here, these housemates are asked to raise allegations against each contender on the basis of their behavior and performances in the house. One of after another, these contenders were seen venting it out completely. When it came to Sreesanth, he refused to accept any allegation, threw a fit and walked away!



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Going forward Salman Khan confronted to Karanvir Bohra about an open letter written by his wife Teejay Sidhu. This letter stated how she did not like her husband KV being targeted every weekend. Taking a cue from this letter, Salman Khan decided that he will not interact with him anymore. KV was also seen apologizing to Salman Khan on behalf of his wife.


Tonight is also when Anupji was called on to the show. He was made to answer all the questions that Jasleen had for him. According to him, Jasleen was only his student and nothing more. How does Jasleen react to this?


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Lastly, Salman Khan also brought the topic of Shivashish disrespecting the show, the rules and Bigg Boss. Watching him misbehaving in the house last night, Bigg Boss took a decision of eliminating him immediately from the show without any more discussion.


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Every contender’s actions in this house are strictly monitored and there can be no exception! Stay tuned to Appy Fizz presents Bigg Boss 12 powered by Oppo F9 Pro every day at 9 pm only on COLORS for more!

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