What did Ali do to put housemates in trouble?
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  • October 19, 2014
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Finally the captain’s heart melts! Knowing the fact that the housemates are already worked up for all the efforts they have taken in keeping the house “clean” during the week and also sensing  slight tension in the air due to the eviction day, Ali gives housemates freedom to take a 15 minutes power nap! Now what else could bring a sigh of relief to the members?! Thank you Mr. Captain!  🙂


Oh,wait a minute! Is such dariya dili happening with the permission of Big Boss?? If no then I fear they all are going to be put in the ‘dandit zone’ including ghar ka kaptaan.


But despite giving such luxurious liberty to the members ,they haven’t put Ali in the good books of housemates yet *boohoohoo* In fact I felt like a huge conspiracy is happening behind the closed doors!! The game is getting interesting,your take?


See you!



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