What! Ashoka gives up the race for Sushim! #CAS
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  • May 13, 2015
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It’s the last stage of the competition and Ashoka and Sushim are the last two contestants left in this battle to win Chandragupta Maurya’s sword.  While Ashoka has been moving forward in the race, beating all odds, Sushim has tried every trick in the book to get Ashoka out of the race but always failed. Siamak too was a strong contender but after getting injured, he decided to give up so Ashoka wouldn’t waste time helping him and defeat Sushim.

So close to the finish line but beware because a huge twist is in the picture! Our sources confirm that Ashoka gets his hands on the coveted sword and is about reach the finish line when Sushim falls in a danger with a tiger. Ashoka, doing the humane thing to do in this situation, takes a u-turn and jumps in to save Sushim’s life. In the process he drops the sword and Sushim takes advantage of the opportunity, grabs the sword and climbs up a tree. Ah, so much for being the prince! 

Brave Ashoka remains undeterred and fights the tiger in a heroic manner. But will this fight end without any bloodshed? Or will Ashoka emerge as the hero that he is? So much to look forward to! But before, we ‘re giving you an exclusive sneak-peek into this special episode right here! 

While Ashoka faces the tiger fearlessly, but do you think he’ll be able to complete the race and win against Sushim? Tell us your predictions on who will win in this deadly game in the comments below!

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