What are Sushant and Sonali really good at?
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  • October 27, 2014
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Everyone’s dear in the house Sushant is a little more than entertaining. He is very good at swimming too! While I was just trying to walk around the house secretly, I almost got drenched as Sushi dived in, Splash!!! I saw him doing butterfly strokes, which as per Ali is one of the most difficult style of swimming. Not a long time ago, we saw him confess how much he loves to swim and that he especially carried a pair swimming goggles for the Big Boss house too. We all have seen how hard Ali is trying to keep his co mates happy , especially with Sushant, he as certainly created a rapport at some level which is quite apparent, but Ali do you know what Sushant has to say about you? *mocking laughret!*


I left the two alone to have some more fun with their Kanta-Shanta bit and hid myself into the living room to see something different this time. I found Soni missing on the kitchen platform,but look who has replaced her!! ‘Sonali’! And guess what, she was making Gol Chapattis too! Wow Sonali, that was quite a karaara jawaab, I mean Karaari Rotis for all those who have been talking too much about how she looks. The housemates were surprised too and praised her a lot! 


Going out to grab a bite, BRB,






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